#57 Generalize prepaid mode to use cyber cards

Devin Bayer

Cybera has left me pleasantly surprised. I didn't think there were any good free internet cafe management softwares. So the cafe I helped setup was using Cybercafepro. But that program is a mess. It was only months later I stumbled upon this program and I guess it was because I wasn't searching for the correct keywords.

Anyway as I have been teaching people to use the software I've noticed that the way they use it is a bit akward. When they want to start a new person on a workstation they have to do either:

1) goto the cards screen, add a new card, select the time, click recharge, start a workstation, go back to workstations

2) goto the cards screen, search for an unused card in the left, start a workstation, then go back to workstations

This is acceptable but it's unnecessary complexity. For simple usage how about creating a button on the workstation screen called "Start". After clicking on it they can select one of the pre-configured times to create a new card.

This is similar to the prepaid mode except there is a number associated with the session so if users don't use all their time they can come back later. This is important.


  • Samuel Monsarrat

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    Cybera has prepaid self-service which is very similar to what you are looking for.
    But you still want the card to be created.
    Would this just be a shortcut on the Workstation page to create a card or a client? or would it also start the session automatically?

  • Samuel Monsarrat

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  • Devin Bayer

    Devin Bayer - 2006-11-27

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    It would also start the session automatically. Basically the way the cafe is usually used is prepaid mode, but customers like to be given a number so that if they don't use all their time they can just logoff and come back later in the week.

    I think this could simplify the interface because you can get rid of prepaid mode. Instead this button on the workstation page would create a temporary cyber card. I think the only difference from the prepaid mode is the card can be used again some other time or on another system. So for people who don't want that allow them to specify an alternate expiration time on the recharge screen. Prepaid mode would be set to 0 minutes.

    Sorry about the hodpepodge initial feature request. As I was writing it I started to realize how similar what I was asking for was prepaid mode.

  • Devin Bayer

    Devin Bayer - 2006-11-27
    • status: pending --> open

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