#54 closing self service & time


When you unlock a station from the server no where is
shown the used time, as well if they close the
connection before you can see them you must use the
report to understand how long they have been connected.

Would be interesting to keep the station locked while
not closed from server and show the time of
connection, then the manager will unlock the station
again. Like in self-service gas station


  • Samuel Monsarrat

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  • Samuel Monsarrat

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    I do not really understand this request.
    You seem to be using the "unblock" button on the server in
    order to start sessions that need to be paid for? Is this
    the case? If so, your use of Cybera is more the problem.

    The unblock button on the server in designed to do just
    that: to unblock the workstation i.e. enable free usage of
    the computer (the elapsed time IS shown infact).
    If you want to control the use of the workstations then you
    should be using prepaid or post paid sessions, NOT
    unblocking the workstations. You can even disable this
    button in the cybera server users profile.

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