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New Cybera Release 1.9.400

  • GianT

    GianT - 2010-02-18

    Hi everyone, I have just made a new version of cybera. Only one thing changed, but it will be very useful. Here are the details

    - Cybera Server 1.9.400
       - Changes:
          Postpaid Self Service did not asked for confirmation;
          Now if the customer wants to open a post paid self service session,
          a window popup ask the manager if he wants to give access to the session or not.

      - Compatibilities:
         Can work with either 1.9.300 and 1.9.400 workstations
      -Download link:

    - Cybera Client 1.9.400
       - Changes:
          When the customer choses to open a Postpaid Self Service Session,
          a window popup tells him that he will have to wait for the manager to
          confirm the logon before going on. He will be prompted to wait for the
          confirmation or not.
          This feature is not translated in all languages. It is done in spanish, english, french, deutsch and italian.

      - Compatibilities:
         Can work with either 1.9.300 and 1.9.400 workstations, but has to work with 1.9.400 Server version

      -Download link:

    I recommend all of you to at least update to 1.9.400 Server version, so that the postpaid option may work correctly.

  • GianT

    GianT - 2010-02-18

    I forgot to say, the last version Samuel posted (1.9) is actually the version 1.9.300.

  • Anonymous - 2010-03-08

    Nice to know that Cybera is still being updated.
    Nice work! Thanks a lot.

  • GianT

    GianT - 2010-03-19

    New Cybera version, creating a new thread.


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