#10 uh oh, I found a way to bypass


theres a way to bypass, first you login and open wat
you want to opne then hit ALT-Shift-Tab and exit your
account, then hit Alt-Shift-Tab again and ur back to
where you were without the meter running, this needs
to be fixed


  • Samuel Monsarrat

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  • Samuel Monsarrat

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    Please give me the full context as I cannot reproduce this.
    Please give the folowing details:
    - Please confirm the the server and the workstation are NOT
    the same computer (i.e. both programs are not running on the
    same physical computer)
    - Operating system of server?, and also of workstation?
    - Cybera version?
    - Is user rights lockdown activated on the server? is is
    also activated on the workstation?
    - you talk about ALT-Shift-Tab, and what about ALT-Tab?
    - What privileges is the workstation running under? simple
    user? admin?


  • Edward Elric

    Edward Elric - 2006-10-09

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    1.No, the server and workstation are not the same computer
    2.both computers are Windows XP
    3. 1.9 RC2
    4.I'm not sure if this is on or not, I'm reporting this
    for the Cyber cafe I go to.
    5.I use ALT-Shift-Tab for some reason but Alt-Tab works
    the same.
    6.simple user

  • Edward Elric

    Edward Elric - 2006-10-09
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  • Samuel Monsarrat

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  • Samuel Monsarrat

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    Please upgrade to 1.9.rc3 and retest.

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