On 10 Feb 2009, at 17:15, William Newbery wrote:

I want to start using uncicode strings.

Looking at Py::string I see the method as_unicodestring, however this returns a std::basic_string<Py_UNICODE> and provides no option of encodeing...

Another method is the encode method, this lets me provide the encoding but just returns another Py::String...

What exactly do I need to do to go between a python unicode string and a std::wstring (where sizeof(wchar_t)==2)in UTF-16 encoding?

I take it that Py_UNICODE is 4 on your platform.

You could try encode('utf-16') to get a Py::String that is in utf-16.
Then use as_std_string() to get a std:string, use c_str() to get a pointer to the contents and cast it to wchar_t.

Adding a as_std_wstring  would be a reasonable thing to add to PyCXX to make this convenient.
as_std_wstring could look inside the Py_Object and avoid a number of conversion steps.