The way you wrote it causes an explosive number of function calls for increase of n. You're computing fib(n-1)+fib(n-2) each time, but you don't need to do that, because in the process of computing each value of fib(n-1), you also need to compute fib(n-2). That causes an unnecessary doubling of the code path, for each level of recursion, meaning that it is way longer than it needs to be (I think by a factor of n**(2**n), but I haven't done a proper analysis, so complexity buffs needn't bother to shoot me down).


The whole purpose of pycxx is to provide a function wrapper. The wrapper is doing a lot, and obviously it has quite a bit of overhead. By importing this overhead into each function call of an already horribly inefficient recursive algorithm, it's not surprising you get performance numbers you don't like.


To convince yourself of this, put a counter or a print statement into your code to show you how many times you are calling fib(). Once you are sufficiently horrified, Google for alternative Fibonacci implementations to reduce the number of times you have to go between Python and C++, and you should see a dramatic improvement.


Paul Keating


From: []
Sent: 22 November 2011 04:40
To: cxx-users
Subject: the performance of pycxx


I wrote a py extension to calculate fibonacci sequence (i.e. 1 1 2 3 5 ... ) as following

however, I found it is too slow as the table says


so, what is the problem? Diid I do something wrong? thanks


M    | speed for pure py | speed for pycxx


30    |      0.93 sec          |         6.35 sec

40    |     116.64 sec       |        789.91 sec



[py code]

import time

def fib(n):
    if n<=1:
        return 1
        return fib(n-1)+fib(n-2)

print fib(M)
for i in range(M):
print 'pure py=%.2f secs' % (et-st)

[/py code]



[pycxx code]

#ifdef _MSC_VER

#pragma warning(disable: 4786)



#include "CXX/Objects.hxx"

#include "CXX/Extensions.hxx"


class fib_module : public Py::ExtensionModule<fib_module>{


    fib_module():Py::ExtensionModule<fib_module>( "fib" ){

    add_varargs_method("fib", &fib_module::fib, "fibonacci sequence function");

    initialize( "this is the test module" );



  virtual ~fib_module(){}



    Py::Object fib (const Py::Tuple &args){


        Py::Long res = args[0];

        if (res<=Py::Long(1))  return Py::Long(1);


            Py::Tuple a(1), b(1); a[0]=Py::Long(res-2); b[0]=Py::Long(res-1);

            return fib(a)+fib(b);





#if defined( _WIN32 )

#define EXPORT_SYMBOL __declspec( dllexport )





extern "C" EXPORT_SYMBOL void initfib(){




    static fib_module* fib = new fib_module;



extern "C" EXPORT_SYMBOL void initfib_d(){ initfib(); }

[/pycxx code]

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