On 18 Nov 2008, at 23:10, William Newbery wrote:

I couldnt see any area on the sourcefordge stie for posting support requests, since the new group seems to be read only...

Join the PyCXX user list. What is the "new group" you refer to?

Anyway the basic question is how do I create member varibles for classes that can be accessed from python.

The basic answer is you implement getattr and setattr.

eg I have a Window class, that on creation creates a Input class:
class Window...
  Input *input;

I want the user to be able to access this as a varible to the window instance, ie "mywindow.input.GetMousePos()".

On the module class you provided a moduleDictionary() to retur a dict, that i can assign varibles to, however classes dont seem to have this, I tried implementing it through the getattr method, but this seems to not work.

Try building the examples from the Demo folder. range.cxx implements getattr and works.

If you want to look at a substantial example look at the source of http://pysvn.tigris.org that uses lots of PyCXX features.

Theres nothing in the docs I can see for doing this, is it something yet to be implemented or am i going about it the wrong way?

You picked the right method getattr. We just need to help you get it working.