On 7 June 2014 15:06, Tobias Schweizer <t.schweizer@unibas.ch> wrote:
On my Ubuntu 14.04 64bit I have python3.4 available. I installed
cxfreeze 4.3.3 manually (since the version available with apt-get is 4.3.1).

Running cxfreeze with a small sample script works fine. Can I determine
the python version to be used to compile? As it seems to me, cxfreeze
just assumes that it is python3.4

What happens wih shebangs? What if I wanted to compile for python2.x?

Hi Tobias,

cx_Freeze freezes using the version of Python it's installed for. So if you install it in 64-bit Python 3.4, it will create 64-bit binaries using Python 3.4. If you want to compile for Python 2.x, you simply install cx_Freeze in Python 2.x.

If you're downloading cx_Freeze manually, that means that when you run setup.py, you run it like: pythonX.Y setup.py install. On Ubuntu, 'python' refers to Python 2, and python3 to the supported Python 3 version. If you're installing with pip, there should be pip2 and pip3 scripts (and again, the default 'pip' is probably Python 2).

Best wishes,