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cwtext version 0.96 now available

Steve Conklin added raised cosine keying and prosign support!

Posted by Randall Bohn 2008-06-24

Version 0.95 in CVS

CVS Users can get a new cwtext version (0.95) with more accurate frequency generation. Changes suggested by KC6HUR. I have a few more changes to make, look for a 0.96 release over the weekend. This will be packaged and available for download generally.
This would be a good time to submit any change requests for cwtext.

Posted by Randall Bohn 2004-12-16

0.93 - MorseMail Support

Now you can generate MorseMail format messages with cwmm, a new part of CWTEXT. Speed switches are the same as cwpcm (-ss, -sm, -sf, -sx).

Posted by Randall Bohn 2003-03-04

CWTEXT beta release 0.90

Morse code text/audio convertor now available. Tested on Slackware 8/i386.

Posted by Randall Bohn 2001-10-11

CW available in CVS

You can now check out cwtext from CVS. Follow the directions on the CVS page. The module you want is 'cw'. There are problems with the 'cwtext' module.

Posted by Randall Bohn 2001-08-27