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Version 2 due out 31st July 05

Version 2 has been a long time coming but im sure it has been worth the wait. The system has undergone a major rewrite from version 1 and the backend database has been enhanced and improved allowing us to make the project cross database compatable by making use of PEAR DB. The system is currently being audited for html 4.01 transitional compliance in an effort to ensure that it will display the same way across browsers and from there we plan on moving towards strict compliance. There is also the addition of a event tracking of customer contacts for support/admin/sales staff allowing you to keep an ongoing history of what contact has taken place. The ticket system is also very close to completion with the latest addition to it being the ability to attach and upload documents to tickets. Many more features are planned for after the release of the v2 stable tree and we hope you enjoy it. Please give us your feedback, we do want to know what you think.

Posted by Shane Chrisp 2005-07-13

FreeRadius Support

The current development version of cwispy 2 now has hooks into FreeRadius if its using the MySQL module.

Posted by Shane Chrisp 2004-12-27

cwISPy to use PEAR DB

Work is progressing nicely on converting cwispy 1.2.31 to ustilising PEAR DB entirely and release it as 2.0.0. The change is to support other database's such as MySQL, Postgres, MSSQL etc. Testing is only being done against MySQL and Postgres at present however if you can help out by testing against another DB that is supported by the current release of PEAR DB, please let us know.

Posted by Shane Chrisp 2004-02-23