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Cwfm status

Cwfm has changed its name. Now became Comet WebForceManager. The application will be a complete web groupware solution. The file manager is still here (of course) and is getting better. Instant message and File sharing are almost working. Other groupware feats. will be addedd later. I'm rewriting hard a lot of code and writing hard a lot of new code. Now Cwfm is compatible with register_global = off. Cwfm now use a flat-file SQL database library. Still no external db is required. A new ultra-simplified installer is already working. No more need to manual chmod/copy files. The project is actively developed. I'll upload a new beta release in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2004-06-09

Cwfm 0.9.1 released

- Several bugfix.
- Added Indonesian, German and Polish languages.
- Added Uninstall procedure.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2002-08-18

Cwfm 0.9 released

Release 0.9 is a big improvement. I hope you find it useful.
Web site updated with several screenshots.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2002-04-04

New cwfm-beta mailing list & Cwfm 0.9 status

Just created cwfm-beta mailing list. Anyone that want to test pre-release of Cwfm can subscribe.

I've just submitted language files to translators. So far we have English, Castellano, Dutch an Italian localizations. People who want to translate Cwfm for other languange are welcome.

After localization work is done, i'll send Cwfm-pre0.9 on the mailing list for testing.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2002-02-20

Cwfm 0.9 status

I'm working hard on version 0.9 of Cwfm. Bugs fixed (few compared to old versions) and a lot of new functions. In 0.9 there will be nice (and free) icons for menu and buttons; Menu layout changed to host new functions at lower resolutions (800x600); Castellano language support (translators for other language are welcome); Large icons and detail views; Detail view is configurable from Name only to Name+Size+Date+Type+Attr+Owner; Header fields (Name, Size, Type etc.) will be shown whith reordering functionality; File edit/create; Execute command; User configurable options panel; Now every command or function has its own permission check-box in Administration Panel; Upload & Unzip; File search (? - not sure to include this in 0.9). I hope to release v 0.9 on first half of February.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2002-01-30

Cwfm-0-8-tar.gz UPDATED! Please download it againg

I have updated source package due to minor bugs regarding file-description and permissions.
Please be patient and download againg the package.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-12-20

Cwfm 0.8 released

A lot of generic/security bug fixed.
New functions implemented.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-12-19

Updated web page - new screenshots

New screenshots of forthcoming release 0.8.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-11-17

Release 0.8 delayed

As you can see Cwfm 0.8 was not there for the end of July. I am sorry for the delay but i need to implement more feature than i have previewed. A probable release date is set to the end of November.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-10-31

Cwfm 0.8 to be released before end of July

In V0.8 there will be improved user admin, layout improvements, formatted file display, workaround for IE5.5 download bug, and Italian language support.

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-07-04

Cwfm 0.7 released, please upgrade asap

Release 0.7 fixes a lot of generic/security bugs. This release adds icons (it's always possible to choose to not display any graphic element by setting a configuration parameter) and all the remaining functions (mkdir/rmdir/rename).

Screenshots at project's homepage :

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-06-03

Release 0.7 almost ready

In 0.7 delete/mkdir/rmdir will be implemented
FIXED Download bug for all browsers!

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-05-30

Cwfm 0.6 released

See release notes

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-05-28

New release coming soon

New features, security fixes

Posted by Vincenzo Valvano 2001-05-24

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