#33 CQPweb: preserve metadata table design through re-indexing

CQPweb (34)

At the moment, if a corpus is deleted, its metadata table (including all specifications of the fields) are wiped completely.

It might be desirable to be able preserve the design when the actual data (the rows of the metadata table, plus of course the CWB data if it's an internal corpus) is deleted, so it doesn't all have to be re-typed (handles, descriptions etc.) when you re-index a corpus e.g. if texts have been added or altered.

One way to implement this: have a db of metadata table **designs**. Allow them to be generated from existing corpora. This would contain the create, insert statements etc. used when that metadata table was set up. Once generated, the designs exist indepedently of any corpus and persist when their parent corpus is deleted. And can also be applied to new corpora (ie, instead of specifying all the fields on the usual "install text metadata" form in "manage metadata", the design template is indicated instead.) -- so the design template created pre-deletion is applied to the new version of the corpus when it is set up again, or indeed any other corpus for which it is appropriate.

This would make re-indexing of a corpus much quicker and would enhance the possibility of using CQPweb with corpora that are in any way "under development" and not completely fixed datasets (ie require frequent refreshing/reindexing). Not an urgent feature, however, although probably quite straightforward to code up.


  • Andrew Hardie

    Andrew Hardie - 2016-07-31
    • status: open --> closed
    • Group: --> TODO-3.5
  • Andrew Hardie

    Andrew Hardie - 2016-07-31

    THis feature now complete (metadata templates)


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