#49 CQP output redirect doesn't always check SIGPIPE


When redirecting "cat;" output to a pipe, CQP installs a signal handler to check for broken pipe signals, so the output loop can be aborted (important e.g. when displaying a large query result in the interactive pager). Other output commands with redirect – count, tabulate, etc. – fail to do so.

The signal handler code should be merged into the open_stream() and close_stream() functions in <cqp/output.h>. All CQP output commands that support redirects through this mechanism will then only have to check the global variable broken_pipe<cqp/output.h>.


  • Stefan Evert

    Stefan Evert - 2016-07-20
    • Group: --> TODO-3.5
  • Stefan Evert

    Stefan Evert - 2016-07-20
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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