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  • Christopher Cyr

    Christopher Cyr - 2004-02-18

    O.k. I'm in........ I have a separate machine built, newest copies of Linux,Windows 2K and XP, a Sparc Blade 150, a Sun Ultra 1 Creator and a Pentium machine. I am not a software developer by trade, but I have programmed before, and I know my way around compilers, editors, etc.

    Here are some things that I would like to see and these can start small. 

    1. A FAQ would be nice. I keep forgetting about changing port numbers, whether it is /apps/docservlet or /app/docservlet, etc. Also things like how to deploy the clients, picture insertion for users, etc. I am willing to take this task if directed.

    Setting up the client to integrate with OpenOffice, Adobe Acrobat, etc. with drag and drop, etc. This may be just editing some config files, but makes life a little easier.

    Voice, Video, and Whiteboarding to work across platforms. Being an original user of CVW in 1996 and 1997, everything worked great on our SparcStations, and now that I play with the newer version, I wish it still worked that way. The University of London has several versions of RAT to include support for IPV6. Should the whiteboard be swapped with something different or should we fix what we have?

    The Linux server and clients need to be set up in a format like RPM or a self-installer. If we want people to use this system, we have to get out of the dark ages with editing configuration files. Don't get me wrong, I love that flexibility, but a script that asks the questions and makes the changes is nice for people.

    Future (not necessarily in order)

    Steve, wasn't Mitre doing a next-step for CVW with the use of IMP's Intelligent Multimodal Participants (IMPs)? That would be a really cool feature of this tool. For those who want to know more, check out Mitre's web page at www.mitre.org and search on it. 

    Adding in a shared browsing, interactive document editing (WIKI?) or presentation broadcasting functionality.

    Adding in a group-ware product like TUTOS or Double Choco Latte, would be nice as well, and should be considered down the road.

    Increasing the recording capabilities so people can watch a replay of a previous collaboration activity.

    The web-based client would be great, especially for pocket pc's, thin-clients, as well as desktops. 

    I have been working with the ORACLE folks on their collab suite for a military project, and it is pretty cool. We could learn some stuff from them, and you can download their system to evaluate it for free. Somethings are not even up to CVW's level, like multi-participant video, group chat and such, but they do have some interesting features.

    Glad to see some activity!

    Chris Cyr.

    • Peter Davie

      Peter Davie - 2004-03-02

      Thanks for the offer. Perhaps we can setup a CVW instance on your box to start all of us who are interested in reviving this to at least use it as the collaboration tool to revive the project? Let me know what you think.

    • David W. Taylor

      David W. Taylor - 2004-04-06

      I agree, I am setting up an instance of the server for my organization and I would to get involved however possible.


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