Dan - 2005-10-11

I wrote in the user/admin community but after a week no responses. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction in this forum?

I am running DocServer on debian linux and using the linux client for cvw. I imported a pdf and from the client and requested an edit of the pdf rather than a view. The client froze and since then I have had nothing but trouble with that document. I eventually uploaded another copy but then both were problem files.  It keeps saying the file is in edit state and I can neither save it nor delete it to clear the condition.

I need to know how I would go about purging that object from the cvw database. I realize it is a MUD moo data format but I know nothing of muds. How can I eliminate a document if I know the document id? Is there a clear definition of the data structure of the db file for CVW?

Thanks in advance.