call external programs?

helen lei
  • helen lei

    helen lei - 2003-06-20


    Is it possible to call external programs ( like Microsoft Netmeeting) from  Windows CVW 4.0 Java Client software? And how?

    Thanks a lot!

    Best regards,

    • Michael J. Cannon

      The short answer is "Yes, but it is not a currently supported feature in the current source tree."

      You would do it by adding the procedural calls via JNDI or Java I/O (or other of the many ways to  call out of the JVM) to the source, remembering that this is a distributed system with little if any security out of the box, and therefor you should take the proper security precautions.  Then, after adding your calls and the ability to communicate between your new functionality and the old client or server (however you need this to behave), recompile and redeploy.

    • Michael J. Cannon

      Didn't mean to be so flip in my last post...sorry.

      I guess the proper first question would be:  "Why?"  leading to the second question: "To what purpose?"

      In other words, more information needed.

      There are a lot of commercial and oen source NetMeeting clients in Java and Sun even has a library of Java APIs that provide NetMeeting functionality for your client and server apps.  What specifically do you wish to do?

    • helen lei

      helen lei - 2003-07-10

      Thanks for your reply.

      I can only make conference tools work on the same subnet. I find conference tools' multicast problem is not easy to solve so I am thinking that if it is easier to just call NetMeeting.Any better idea?


      Best regards,

      • Michael J. Cannon

        Can you use the Federated MOO-Server?

    • helen lei

      helen lei - 2003-07-11

      The CVW Federated Server system now is supported:
      .Private messaging (paging)
      .Private pasting (multi-line messages)
      .Retrieval of information about objects on remote servers

      But it doesn't support coference tools.
      Am I right?

      • Michael J. Cannon

        You are correct...for the off-the-site, current version, I believe (I'll check further, tho)...for now.

        I'm currently getting the source code organized enough so that I can run jDiff against my current code and run patches to this site to update the source currently here to what I've got.  Those patches may give you some alternatives.

        My biggest problem is that I am only one person and this is 2 years of active dev on the currently-available source (along with some trash that needs to be pruned).

        I agree that the nature of the connections from the presently available version of CVW for A/V conferencing/whiteboard, etc. is needlessly complex for any but the largest organizations/companies.  When Mitre developed the software, it was for DoD organizations who had far more control over their extended networks than many of us do.  They wrote the software to push THAT envelope.  Unfortunately, it's an envelope that many of us will never see.  What I have written and found elsewhere is more for the rest of us, but it assumes things that are not necessarily true for everyone in the world and so must be cleaned up and made more generic.

    • helen lei

      helen lei - 2003-07-13

      I really appreciate your reply.

      Please let us know when you update the source.

      Best regards,

      • Michael J. Cannon

        Is the major problem delivering via multicast/broadcast versus unicast?

        Would unicast allow you to conference enough people?  Can you do this with reflectors or is that right out?


    • helen lei

      helen lei - 2003-07-16

      I only try out two person to conference using unicast. So I am not sure if unicast allows me to conference enough people. I don't quite understand how to do this with reflectors.


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