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Dolphin and VisualAge ports released

Dolphin 5 and VisualAge 6 ports of cvstproj 0.7 have been released. Thanks again to Steve Waring & Jerry Bell (Dolphin) and Bryan Hogan (VAST)

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2002-07-10

vw3cvstproj-0.7 released

This one is looking good. VAST6.0 and Dolphin5.0 releases should follow shortly. The Squeak release will need to catch up but should not be too much work.

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2002-07-03

Release 0.4 of Sqcvs

I just release 0.4 - still a developer release - but it has some improvements. Since VMMaker for Squeak wants to integrate with Sqcvs I have yet one more reason to finish it. :-)

Posted by Göran Hultgren 2002-01-22

VW5i and cvstproj

Aparently vw3cvstproj and SIF-VW3 work in VW5i as is without any changes. This of course ignores any 5i specific features like namespaces, but does a sensible compatibility thing. The consequence is that it is possible to run a CVS project using SIF codec in VW5i (So I've switched :-).

Enjoy ! (mk)

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2001-02-02

vw3cvstproj 0.6.1

This release features a new CVSProjecBrowser. Makes working with cvstproj a breeze. Read more in the ReadmeVW3

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2001-02-02

Sqcvs 0.3 released

Just posted a new release of sqcvs - nothing as earthshattering as the 2.4 Linux kernel ;) - but still a steady improvement.

regards, Gran

Posted by Göran Hultgren 2001-01-16


Finally we have a release of CVSTProject, for both Squeak and VW3!

Posted by Gerardo Richarte 2000-07-14


This release is finally available for both VW3 and Squeak (Squeak build is provided as a separate SF module and will be up for download soon). The Dolphin build is in the works. There is not much news in terms of functionality, the only exception is the cool new CVSDiffBrowser in the VW3 build (You've got to check it out).

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-06-30

cvstproj 0.5.3

It is mostly bugfixes (all patches are
in), plus what's there so far from the Tests module (not much to use yet). It includes VW3 parcels for the Camp Smalltalk SUnit 26 as well,
since I had to make few fixes to get it to work. I did not include the SIF Toolkit, since Eric already uploaded everything on his site at

Here is the list of changes from the readme:... read more

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-04-27


This is a maintenance release fixing hopefully all the show stoppers. Included are updated doc files as well.

What's Next:
- Squeak port should be available soon.
- A test suite should be built to support porting efforts
- Hopefully more ports will follow

- Fixed a bug in FileOutCodec (ignoring class definition changes for added classes). Patch #100188
- Fixed a bug in method addition diff (referencing systemModule instead of system). Patch #100187
- Cosmetic change for ClassDiff printOn:. Patch #100186
- Update optimization for FileOutCodec. Patch #100189
- Packaged updated SIF parcels fixing a problem with nil subclasses

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-04-03

Release sqcvs 0.1

This is hopefully the beginning of more frequent releases of this module.
And perhaps shortly - when cvstproj ports over to Squeak - the modules will truly merge and follow a common release pattern.


The interesting part with this release is that it includes the "facade" idea that we have been talking about. CVSWorkingCopy with sample friend CVSStringTree should be interesting to look at from cvstproj standpoint.... read more

Posted by Göran Hultgren 2000-03-29

Release 0.5.1

Mostly a maintenance release, hopefully fixing the problems with SIF Toolkit parcels. Few extensions are listed bellow.

- Refactored and cleaned up CVSSIFCodec. It should be truly portable now. All platform specific code was moved to CVSSystemContorller. Thus there are few more methods to implement for each platform.
- Added CVSProject>>diff, which will give you differences for the whole project. Until now it was available at the module level only.
- Added CVSParcelController and made it the default controller for VW3 platform. It is slightly easier to use than the CVSChangeSetController.... read more

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-03-29

Release 0.5

This is THE portable relase of the tool. Squeak port should be available very soon now. From now on it it should just keep growing as new supported platforms are added ;-). More details are in the Readme file distributed with the package.

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-03-27

Release 0.4

Much better than the previous one. Definitely upgrade ASAP! Look at the release notes for details

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-03-22

Release 0.3

This release adds support for modules and
class renames

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-03-10

Release 0.2

Adds support for different Souce code formats, namely FileOut and SIF (using Eric Arsenau's SIF toolkit (
Now only module support is missing and then Squeak
port will follow.

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-03-09

Merging with sqcvs !

We are in the process of merging our efforts with sqcvs group ( The project web page will be updated accordingly, hopefully this weekend. More detailed information will be there.

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-02-25

First Draft Of User Docs Available

It is accessible from the projects web page. It contains quick info on CVS and user level desription of CVSTProject

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-02-22

First version available

Allright, the first working version of the code is imported into the CVS repository. I still have to make a web page and start working on some docs.

Posted by Martin  Kobetic 2000-02-15

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