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Open Source, Open Slather

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence, and I'd like to apologise now to everybody who's had their bugs fixed in CVS only to not be able to get a usefully working CVS Monitor version with the fix in it.

To just brief you all on where things are at, unfortunately the corporate sponsor that was looking so much a lock at the time of the last news item pulled out, but not before I'd already gotten a significant portion of the way to 0.7.... read more

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2005-04-16

The Future of the Monitor: Upcoming Releases

Ladies and Gentlemen

It's been a while since the last release, and it's time to look at the future of CVS Monitor.

As I'm sure you are all aware by now, things move fairly slowly in the CVS Monitor world. It does everything I need, and I fix what I can when I can, to keep as many of you happy as possible.

The current stable release is 0.6.3, which contains as many patches and fixes as it was possible to leverage in, without having to deal with a total overhaul.... read more

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2004-07-26

CVS Monitor 0.6.3 Stable ( at last )

With the completion of the final blocking bug, CVS Monitor 0.6.3 is now considered stable, and is available for general release. 0.6.3 consists of 15 months of patches and minor upgrades.

The next major release will be 0.7. This should include fixes for many bugs that would have required breaking the metadata format, and also with and increasingly active community of users, should also start to see the appearance of a number of new features.... read more

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2004-03-09

CVS Monitor 0.6.3 beta 3

This final beta is virtually identical to 0.6.3 beta 2, but with the late addition of a patch to add RSS support.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2004-02-13

CVS Monitor 0.6.3 beta 2

0.6.3 beta 2 is available. This is essentially a release candidate release, but the overhauled setup process requires a few dozen installations by various people to see if there is anything that has been missed.

If no bugs are reported over the coming 2-3 weeks, this will be rebadged as 0.6.3 final.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2004-01-20

CVS Monitor 0.6.3 beta

A beta test release of CVS Monitor 0.6.3 is now available. It should be installed by the keen, or anyone with problems from 0.6.2.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2003-08-09

Recent GD Issues

Of late there have been a marked increase in people having problems with installation of the perl GD modules.

This appears to be due to an increase in the availability of GD2 in recent versions of major distros.

It is recommended that if you have any difficulties installing GD2, you should use the older GD 1.41.

The GD perl modules will work ONLY with perl 1.41, or GD 2.0.5 or greater. See the CVS Monitor 0.6 help page for more details.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2003-07-17

CVS Monitor 0.6.2 Released

CVS Monitor 0.6.2 has just been uploaded and is available for general consumption. It will probably be the last version in the current stable series.

Most notably in the bew version, is the ability to auto-generate links to tracking systems inside your commit messages.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2002-12-13

CVS Monitor 0.6 Stable released

Well after some very intensive polishing and bug fixing, CVS Monitor 0.6 is available.

Changes Include

- Heavy refactoring and design changes
- Complete new look and feel
- Search: Added File Search Option
- Admin: More information on resource usage
- Looser username rules allows access to NT Domain repositories
- Able to handle gaps in version numbers
- Able to handle repositories with locked files
- Revision Diff navigation improvements
- Memory efficiency improvments
- CVS diff caching
- File Growth graphs
- ChangeSet views

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2002-11-29

CVS Monitor 0.6 Release Schedule

CVS Monitor 0.6 Beta 1 has been unleashed. From here on, we're firmly in clean up mode for the 0.6 Stable release.

It's expected that this should happen some time in the first week of December.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2002-11-28

CVS Monitor 0.5 released

Here it is kids.

This is the first stable release of CVS Monitor.

Go get it!

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2002-11-02