Open Source, Open Slather

Hi folks, sorry for the long silence, and I'd like to apologise now to everybody who's had their bugs fixed in CVS only to not be able to get a usefully working CVS Monitor version with the fix in it.

To just brief you all on where things are at, unfortunately the corporate sponsor that was looking so much a lock at the time of the last news item pulled out, but not before I'd already gotten a significant portion of the way to 0.7.

There's been a full overhaul of much of the internals, the new driver structure is in place, the caching layer is done, and most of the worst 0.6 bugs were fixed.

However, we've been stuck with the CVS driver "mostly" ported over to the new driver structure, due to a combination of other projects (PPI and my startup) that have been sucking up 70-80 hours a week.

I'm going through a house cleaning and relook at things this weekend, and with regards to CVS Monitor I've been heartened both by the continuing support on the forums and an interesting style of development that the Perl 6 people have engaged in to push it along and get it out of it's rut.

Call it "Open Slather" if you will, but it looks approriate for getting CVS Monitor rolling again, so we're going to copy it.

I've (finally) moved CVS Monitor into the SourceForge repository. It doesn't have the setup script at the moment, but we'll remedy that closer to 0.7 release.

In the name of movement, I'm dropping any and all restrictions on the codebase. Anyone who has the slightest bit of interest in moving CVS Monitor forwards is more than welcome to get commit rights to CVS.

The new Driver model supports local CVS repositories, :ext, Perforce, Subversion, and any other repository type that we can fit into the data model.

Anyone that ever wanted these features, now is your time. Just post a "Request for CVS access" request to the Support tracker, and you're in.

Posted by Adam Kennedy 2005-04-16

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