#7 Provide metric of code to comment for selected modules.


It would be useful to have a project over all metric
(graphic?) that describes the code to comment ratio,
and/or total code lines and total comment lines for a
set of supported file types. (e.g. .pl, .tcl, .c).


  • Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy - 2003-04-26
    • milestone: 272212 -->
    • assigned_to: nobody --> adamkennedy
    • status: open --> closed
  • Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy - 2003-04-26

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    This would be fairly difficult to implement.

    One of the underlying techniques is to only ever keep the
    1.1 version of a file, so that when an update is done, we do
    not have to pull changes to files, just the new version of
    the log.

    The only data transferred for the files themselves are when
    new files are created.

    Implementing your suggestion would mean pulling every
    version of every file, and running metrics on all of them...
    just way too difficult to do, without chewing up humungous
    amounts of either disk of CPU.

    Sorry, rejected.


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