0.6.3 out of date and broke incorrect CVSROOT

  • Harold

    Harold - 2006-12-02

    someone needs to fix this thing

    When you fill the CVSROOT Builder you get:


    the colon after 2401 should be removed...

    My problem is that I've got a ton of repositorys with broken modules that are constantly lewft in the updating state and I cannot remove any of the repositoires


    It's also slow.

    • julianaElibom

      julianaElibom - 2007-05-22

      i can access root :pserver:root:rjnySw17132@localhost:/usr/local/cvsroot from ssh. But when i try to do checkout in cvs monitor 0.6.3 it says, "root not allowed", but is the same root that i am using in ssh... can anyone help me with this???


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