CVS Monitor working well, but without images

  • Marc Jäger

    Marc Jäger - 2005-04-22

    Hi everybody !

    i just installed the CVS Monitor and it works (nearly) well.

    >> great job Adam, thanks !

    Managing repositories and modules works fine and also updating them; my only problem is that the graph images doesn't load.
    (probably a GD library issue ?!)

    How can i debug this ?
    Which release of GD is working well with CVS Monitor ?
    And where is the easiest way to get them (CPAN or tar)?

    Thanks for eny suggestion.


    • William McKee

      William McKee - 2005-04-27


      I tried installnig it from CPAN but didn't get the dependencies right and got no graphs. Then I used the GD library that came with my distribution (Debian Sarge) and all's well.


      • Marc Jäger

        Marc Jäger - 2005-05-05

        Thanks William,

        I will try to re-installa the GD lib..


    • Adam Kennedy

      Adam Kennedy - 2005-05-13

      As well as the GD problem, there's a more recent potential bug involving Math::BigFloat, which for some insane reason changed their API a little for a few versions.

      You may want to double check that Math::BigFloat is at the most recent version.

    • Vladimir Ulogov

      Vladimir Ulogov - 2006-10-20

      And in my case it still no luck. GD, GD::Graph, GD::Text, Math::BigFloat are up-to-date and GD library is most recent (2.0.33) If I cun-paste image URL and open it independently, I see the graph. But not on the page.


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