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  • polarbaerhh

    polarbaerhh - 2005-08-18


    cvs monitor works well a while. Suddenly some modules appeared red in the list. I tried to recover and checkout again, but no success. All I can find in the logs is:
    Thu Aug 18 10:43:39 2005 Error during checkout:
    Thu Aug 18 10:43:39 2005 An error occured while pulling the CVS log:
    Thu Aug 18 10:43:39 2005 256

    Does somebody have any ideas?

    Thans you

    • polarbaerhh

      polarbaerhh - 2005-08-19

      I looked a bit in the code ... well.. I am a java developer.
      Seems that something occured when fetching the cvs log and converting it into the metadata. maye that helps..any hints? it seems to occur, when a project is modified and checked in.

    • mkolakow

      mkolakow - 2005-08-23

      You know, I had some issues with running the cron job to keep it updated.  I had some modules go 'bad' and I could not recover them.  I know this isn't the traditional correct solution to the problem, BUT....try reinstalling it!

      Because it's easy to install, and it's not like you are 'losing' anything, this works.  I've had to do it a couple times.  Note: I did go back to the setup script and everything was verified as being correct, but I still couldn't recover those modules.



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