Line information missing from version 0.1

Paul Dixon
  • Paul Dixon

    Paul Dixon - 2003-10-29

    I'm just getting started with v0.62 and checkout of a module is failing for me, the error in the logs is

    Line information missing from version 0.1

    I gather from other threads that this is a problem with how cvsmonitor interprets "unusual" version numbers, but is there any workaround I can apply?

    Is there an easy way to find out which file in my (large and 3 yr old) repository is causing the problem?

    • steve willey

      steve willey - 2003-12-17

      Did you discover a remedy for this malady?  i'm getting the error also. 

    • Adam Kennedy

      Adam Kennedy - 2004-01-20

      There is a solution. Somebody, anybody, who is getting this error probably needs to be brave enough to let me access their repository to do the deep debugging needed to work out a way around this problem.

      Unfortunately, getting access to repositories is something I neigther expect nor have ever gotten...

      • Glenn Henshaw

        Glenn Henshaw - 2004-01-30

        I see the same issue on one of my modules. I would be willing to tar that part of my CVS repository up and send it to you if that would help.

        Please contact me off list.

    • Anonymous - 2004-02-07

      I've found (a maybe hacky) solution for our repository ... (we have a lot of files with initial revisions 2.1, 3.1, etc.)

      based on 0.6.2,, line 157

          # Handle the 1.1 version
      #    if ( $self->{revision} eq '1.1' ) {
          if ( $self->{revision} =~ /^[1-5]\.1$/ ) {

      with this, I can check out those files (and the reports correctly recognize a 5.1 as an initial revision, too).

      However, for whatever reason, a bunch of other files don't have an @Initial revision at all ... I've yet to find how to handle that ...

    • Adam Kennedy

      Adam Kennedy - 2004-02-12

      Well, the general logical solution I have in mind is that when the line math algorithm in the update code finds a non-1.1 case, to pull that file into the file cache and get it's line info from that.

      But it would be doing it one at a time, not a particular fast solution. Of course, it would probably only have to do it one, so that's the solution I'll probably go for once I get some sample data.

    • David Gibbs

      David Gibbs - 2004-08-03

      I'm encountering this problem trying to do a checkout on the mailman project.

      > Tue Aug 3 14:31:01 2004 Command - checkout Mailman.Mailman
      > Tue Aug 3 14:31:01 2004 Checking out module Mailman.Mailman
      > Tue Aug 3 14:39:00 2004 Error during checkout:
      > Tue Aug 3 14:39:00 2004 Line information missing from version 2.0

      The server information is:

    • Adam Kennedy

      Adam Kennedy - 2004-08-07

      This problem, and some other similar ones, are fixed in CVS, and will appear in 0.7. That's the good news.

      The bad news is that parts of the backend had to be pulled apart, and it might take us a little while to get to 0.7. I'm kind of hoping some time in october.

      The actual fixes are bit too complex to provide a one-line workaround for... getting around that assumption needed an upgraded caching system, otherwise it would have to pull every non-1.1 file with an individual call every single time you updated. Ew...

      Sorry, but "it's in 0.7" is the best I can do for you for now.

    • senar

      senar - 2007-05-08

      Tue May 8 10:14:58 2007 Error during checkout:
      Tue May 8 10:14:59 2007 Line information missing from version 1.6

      Anyway to find out what file I'm erroring on since it's not unique numbering?


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