local or ssh access

Alan Grow
  • Alan Grow

    Alan Grow - 2004-02-21


      I dig cvsmonitor a lot, thanks.

      It is very hard for me to set up a remote cvsmonitor though, and I wish locals were still enabled. What "permission issues" does Repository.pm refer to?

      Basically my cvs server is a very tight ship with only keyed ssh access. I can't think of any secure way to have cvsmonitor access it remotely, can you?


    • Adam Kennedy

      Adam Kennedy - 2004-03-13

      The issue with local access is that cvs will access your cvs repository as the web user www-data, nobody, apache etc.

      These virtually NEVER have decent access to local repositories, so the options was pulled altogether.

      As for ssh access, it's a feature that someone will probably implement for 0.7. The main issue is that the main existing developers don't use it, and thus don't have access to a repository.

    • Alan Grow

      Alan Grow - 2004-03-26

      Thanks Adam. I figured as much. My repo is world readable so I went through and added support for local repositories again. Still, I'm looking forward to an ssh-enabled cvs monitor so I don't have to run it on the same machine.


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