#413 Better Support for Working with Multiple Repositories

MacCvs (10)
Kris Gybels

I have multiple CVS repositories I need to work with on different
servers, and this is handled quite oddly in MacCVSX. Whenever I
want to check something out, I first have to go to the Preferences
and change the current CVSROOT, then I have to login via
Admin>login, and then I can go and check something out via the
Remote>Checkout Module command. Even though the
Preferences pane does remember some of the last settings for the
CVSROOT, it is still pretty weird to have to do it this way.

What I would like to see:
- Replace the "General" tab in the Preferences with a tab "CVS
Repositories" which works like the "Accounts" tab in Mail: on the
left you would have a list with all the CVS Repositories you have
defined. Below this list are "+" and "-" buttons for adding and
removing repositories. On the right of the list are the fields and
buttons for setting the information about the CVS Repository
(name, server, user name in the repository, ...) It should also be
possible to set the password for the repository here!
- In the window that opens when doing Remote > Checkout
module, there should be a popup button where I can select which
repository I want to check out from.
- Remove the login/logout menu items from the Admin menu.
When I do Remote > Checkout and then press the "OK" button to
really check something out, and I am not logged in to that
repository, MacCVSX should automatically do a "cvs login" first.

What would also be good is if then:
- The Admin menu is replaced with a "Advanced" menu. The
"login" and "logout" menu items are no longer necessary, so the
only menu items left in "Admin" is for doing a direct CVS
commandline command and for stopping CVS, these are
"Advanced" commands.
- The "Import", "Checkout" and "Create" menu items from the
"Remote" menu should be moved to the "File" menu. The "New
Browser" menu item in "File" should be named "Open Checked
Out Module".


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