#937 Marking files as read only

WinCvs (709)

There is a problem with marking files as read only
while commiting changes to the server. I do not
exactly know the conditions because it does not
happen for all commited files.


  • Oliver Giesen

    Oliver Giesen - 2006-01-25
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  • Oliver Giesen

    Oliver Giesen - 2006-01-25

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    We will definitely need more info before we could do
    anything about this. Actually any info at all would be a
    huge improvement already. You didn't even state what the
    problem was, only that there appears to be one...

  • Kirill Müller

    Kirill Müller - 2006-02-10

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    I have seen this when the sandbox resides on a file share.
    Then, after commit, all committed files (?) are set read-
    only (=file attribute). I'm afraid this is rather a problem
    with cvsnt than with WinCvs. To check this, one would have
    to run the appropriate cvs command from command line and
    see if the files are read-only.

    Does this look like your problem?

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