CVSGrab 2.1 released.

CVSGrab is a simple CVS client that bypass any firewall blocking port 2401 used by cvs.
It relies on the ViewCVS web interface to the repository to work, and supports other types of web interfaces (CvsWeb, SourceCast...)
Use this tool when all other solutions (SSH...) fail. Only read-only access to the CVS repository is possible with this tool.

This release includes the following changes and improvements:
o Major new feature: creation of patches to report your local changes to the main project (-diff option)
o Remember the connection settings, so the second time you run CVSGrab on a project you can just type cvsgrab
o Lots of bugfixes, in particular to run CVSGrab with CVSWeb
o Added support for Chora web interfaces (


Ludovic Claude

Posted by Ludovic Claude 2004-05-13

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