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  • Shinobu Kawai

    Shinobu Kawai - 2006-06-10

    Is there any development activity going on?

    I think it should at least support downloading the latest sourceforge CVS repositories.

    • Achim Bursian

      Achim Bursian - 2006-06-22

      I'm with you, stringly!
      cvsgrab is useless at the moment for me, because I can't get to SourceForge projects any more.

      • Ludovic Claude

        Ludovic Claude - 2006-06-27

        Hello all,

        I'm not very active at the moment, as i'm getting married and i broke my home computer, so sorry for not updating CVSGrab with the latest changes from Sourceforge and the like.

        If somebody wants to keep CVSGrab going, just tell me and give me your Sourceforge user ID, i will be glad to give you commit rights to the project.

        Or just sit back and relax, i may fix CVSGrab bugs later in September, but for me CVSGrab is not useful anymore as i've changed jobs and now the company firewall doesn't block CVS ;-)


    • Shinobu Kawai

      Shinobu Kawai - 2006-06-26

      I wonder if the author, Ludovic Claude, is still active?  I guess my last choice would be to fork a new project from this...

      • Achim Bursian

        Achim Bursian - 2006-06-27

        I think it wouldn't be necessary to fork a new project. Abandoned projects can be taken by other developers, I think. Just contact the SourceForge staff.
        As I don't know Java, I can not contribute, even though I would love to.

      • Achim Bursian

        Achim Bursian - 2006-06-27

        Did you try to contact him directly, already? Via SourceForge...

    • Shinobu Kawai

      Shinobu Kawai - 2006-06-28


      Congrats on your marriage!  (And sorry about your PC...)

      I'd like to continue developing CVSGrab.  Can you please add me as committer?  My sf id is 'shinobukawai'.


    • Gilson DElrei

      Gilson DElrei - 2006-06-29

      I agree with  Shinobukawai
      I think that CVSGRAB should at least to consider the lastest updates on sourceforge CVS repositories especifications (ViewVC ?).
      best regards.


    • Gilson DElrei

      Gilson DElrei - 2006-07-06

      Is CvsGrab ViewVC 1.0 compliant ?
      Gilson DElrei

      • Shinobu Kawai

        Shinobu Kawai - 2006-07-07

        The current released version is not, but I've put a patch here:

        • Shinobu Kawai

          Shinobu Kawai - 2006-07-13

          I've checked in the patches for FishEye and ViewVC, so the latest in CVS will support them.

          • Achim Bursian

            Achim Bursian - 2006-07-14

            Well, not everybody knows how to build a Java program, sorry. I'm working with 10+ different languages, but Java is not among them :-(

            I think it would be good to release a file package 2.2.3.
            Make sure to update the version, at the moment your snapshot still says "CVSGrab version 2.2.2 starting..."

            A big thanks that you added this ViewVC support! Keep it running!

            • Shinobu Kawai

              Shinobu Kawai - 2006-07-14

              I don't have release permission on this project, but I told Ludovic that the stuff is in CVS.  I guess he's still pretty busy, so it will be a while until the next release.  So as for now, please use my snapshot version at  :)

              (I also don't have Tracker management permission, so all the resolved items are still left open.)


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