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  • dhafer

    dhafer - 2007-02-20

    Hello all !
    I want o download the latest release of Yale form http://yale.cvs.sourceforge.net/yale/yale/
    After I had installed cvsgrab as described in http://cvsgrab.sourceforge.net/install.html, I executed these command lines in dos shell:

    C:\cvsgrab>cvsgrab -proxyHost -proxyPort 80 -proxyUser « MyProxyUser » -proxyPassword MyPassw -rootUrl http://yale.cvs.sourceforge.net/yale/ -packagePath http://yale.cvs.sourceforge.net/yale/ -destDir C:\Yale

    I had had this message:

    Using proxy
    Login on the proxy with user name “MyUserName”
    CVSGrab version 2.2.2 starting...
    [WARN] A recoverable exception occurred, retrying. org.apache.commons.httpclient
    .HttpRecoverableException: Error in parsing the status  line from the response:
    unable to find line starting with "HTTP"
    [ERROR] Failed to download file http://yale.cvs.sourceforge.net/yale/http://yale
    org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpException: Already used, but not recycled.
            at org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase.checkExecuteConditions(H
            at org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpMethodBase.execute(HttpMethodBase.j
            at org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient.executeMethod(HttpClient.jav
            at org.apache.commons.httpclient.HttpClient.executeMethod(HttpClient.jav
            at net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.WebBrowser.executeMethod(WebBrowser.java:254)

            at net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab.checkWebConnection(CVSGrab.java:725)
            at net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab.grabCVSRepository(CVSGrab.java:564)
            at net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab.run(CVSGrab.java:340)
            at net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrab.main(CVSGrab.java:232)

    ... (Many other errors)

    [ERROR] Could not detect the type of the web interface
    [ERROR] Could not detect the type of the web interface
    [ERROR] There were some errors.
    [ERROR] If you cannot find an obvious answer, report the problem to http://sourc

    Does someone know how to solve this pb?

    Another Pb is how to install the cvsgrab task in Ant? I don’ understand how and where to use:

    <property name="cvsgrab.dir" value="[Your CVSgrab installation directory]" />
    <taskdef name="cvsgrab" classname="net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrabTask" classpath="${cvsgrab.dir}/lib/cvsgrab.jar"/>

    May be because I not familiar with Ant. Could someone tell me how to use this step by step ?
    thanks in advance,

    • Ludovic Claude

      Ludovic Claude - 2007-03-19

      Hello Dhafer,

      The latest release of cvsgrab should fix your problem.

      For the Ant integration, if you installed cvsgrab in C:\cvsgrab, then you should have in your Ant build.xml file the following:

      <project name="test" default="grab">
        <target name="grab">
          <property name="cvsgrab.dir" value="c:/cvsgrab" /> 
          <taskdef name="cvsgrab" classname="net.sourceforge.cvsgrab.CVSGrabTask" classpath="${cvsgrab.dir}/lib/cvsgrab.jar"/>

      That's all, hope it works.



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