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  • icechunk

    icechunk - 2007-01-17

    I am using cvsgrab to download sources using cvsWeb and all the source files downloaded have embedded html tags in them. Anybody knows what is going on?

    • Shinobu Kawai

      Shinobu Kawai - 2007-01-18

      Can you please post the command line you are running?


      • icechunk

        icechunk - 2007-01-18

        ./cvsgrab.sh -rootUrl http://cvsserver.myorg.com/plugins/scmcvs/cvsweb.php -projectRoot projectName -packagePath projectName/code -webInterface CvsWeb3_0

        I have to explicityly specify the -webinterface key otherwise cvsgrab cannot figure out the correct web interface. The code is downloaded but the files have all html embedded inside.


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