CVSChangeLogBuilder 2.1 has been released.

cvschangelogbuilder is an Perl utility to generate ChangeLogs or CVS reports for a project hosted on a CVS server. The main goal is to provide a better output that the 'cvs log' command, to build sorted text only or graphical html reports. Available outputs provides among standard informations, the status of the change (added,changed,removed), allows easy "differential" changelogs, between 2 versions, even when they are not in the main branch, are friendly to read. Text outputs can be grouped by different criterias (by date, by file, by log, by author).

Changes from previous version:
- Fix: A better handling of corrupted rlog file.
- Fix: Minor fixes.
- Fix: Cache for files with space in name works correctly.
- New: Added option -ignore and -only
- New: Chart for commit and files by developpers are limited to 5 most
active users and group others as "Others".
- New: Added a date tag reports
- Added tags informations in last commit list

Posted by Laurent Destailleur (Eldy) 2005-05-05

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