#5 problem with sub repositories


again in the gstreamer CVS - the build tools put
another module into a cheked out modules, that contains
common code.

their models are e.g.

when one checks out common and then build it, the
common modules gets checked out under e.g. ./gstreamer/.

cvschangelogbuilder has probelms on that.

Warning: Failed to execute command: cvs -f -d
:ext:ensonic@cvs.freedesktop.org:/cvs/gstreamer update
-p -d -r 1.0
/cvs/gstreamer/common/m4/gst-makecontext.m4: cvs
[update aborted]: no such directory

Whould it be possible to specify some directories to


  • Laurent Destailleur (Eldy)

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    It seems that it could be a good thing to debug
    cvschangelogbuilder.pl tool to test it on your project. Is
    there an anonymous access to your CVS repository. Can you
    provide me the CVSROOT for this project. I will be able to
    test and fix problems.

  • Stefan Sauer

    Stefan Sauer - 2004-11-08

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    hi eldy,

    here arre the cvs server infos

    you could start with
    cvs -d:pserver:anoncvs@pdx.freedesktop.org:/cvs/gstreamer co
    then run ./autogen.sh inside the gstreamer dir. don't worry
    if it fails because you don't have all the required
    dependecies, but after running autogen it has pulled in the
    gst-common module into the gstreamer dir. Every other
    submodules does this (including gst-common).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    From cary@colorado.edu: Tried using this, but it appears to have
    problems with subdirectories when those are from a different
    module or a different repository. For example, when working on
    a file in a subdir that is included by the module mechanism:

    Warning: Failed to execute command: cvs -f -d :ext:cips.colorado.edu:/
    projects update -p -d -r 1.1 /projects/vpregress/vpdata/.cvsignore: cvs
    [update aborted]: no repository

    This would work if the command were instead

    Warning: Failed to execute command: cvs -f update -p -d -r 1.1 vpdata/

    as then one is using the repository information kept in the CVS/Root
    and CVS/Repository files.

    When working on files in a subdirectory included from a different
    repository, one has more trouble:

    update -p -d -r 1.0 /fusion/pubproj/config/Makefile.am: cvs [update
    : no such directory `/fusion/pubproj/config'

    .Error: Cannot mkdir '/fusion', Permission denied

    In this case, it is not recognized that the repository is on a different
    machine, and that this machine has no directory /fusion/pubproj.

    I believe that the main problem is that this code assumes that CVSROOT
    is constant for all subdirectories, when actually it can change on a
    per-directory basis.

    It seems this is easily fixed. I got all to work with the change:

    JRC change: my $EXTRACTFILENAME="^RCS file: (.+)";

    my $EXTRACTFILENAME="^Working file: (.+)"; # This is the new line

    Hope this is of use.....JRC


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