#4 Cache the log read to enable some new features


It would be great if the plugin create some cache of
the changelog read, this way it could implement a lot
of new features like:
links to bug tracking systems
group the changelog by package, directory, user, dates, ...

If you want, I could help with the implementation of
some of this things, just send me an mail (my SF e-mail
should work fine)

Again, thanks for the great plugin.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Logged In: NO

    Sounds interesting can you explain in more detail.
    Are to saying to keep a list of previous change log calls?

    Feel free to email mail me directly. Also if you want
    I can you add to cvs.

  • Rodrigo Urubatan Ferreira Jardim

    Logged In: YES

    the idea is kep a cache of all changelog calls, it would be
    best to use changelog for the project not just for a
    directory to easyly sync.
    in the next call, the changelog could be done just after the
    last date, what would speed up the changelog call.

    with the cached changelog, the plugin can create an local
    database and sort/filter/group the log by lots of configuration.

    another idea is change the changed files view, and allow de
    user to call the diff fir that release with a double click
    or some thing like this.

    I`ll start coding the cache, and send you an patch,

    if you like the code, we talk later about adding me to the
    cvs :-)



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