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CVSACL-1.2.5 for CVS-1.11.22

CVSACL-1.2.5 for CVS-1.11.22

fixed some bugs and it is higly recommended to upgrade.

NOTICE: There is no -d -f options for directory and file, acl/racl subcommands runs just like other cvs subcommands.

Posted by sbaris 2006-06-10

NEW CVSACL PATCH for cvs-1.12

cvsacl-2-for-latest-cvs-dev-source.tgz file is for latest cvs source from cvsacl-2-for-latest-cvs-dev-source.

cvs-1.12.13-cvsacl-2-patched.tgz file is cvsacl patched version of cvs-1.12.13.

Posted by sbaris 2006-06-03

cvsacl for cvs-1.12.x

I modified patch for cvs-1.12.xx feature release, an uploaded to sourceforge.
I also prepare sanity tests, it was very helpfull fo find errors. Sanity script diff is also in tgz archive.
A big difference is that: you do not have to use option –d for directory and –f for file, acl/racl subcommands now runs like other subcommands.


Posted by sbaris 2006-06-02

CVSACL-1.2.4 for CVS-1.11.21

fixed a bug, help needed on testing and development. Thank you.

Posted by sbaris 2006-05-10

CVSACL-1.2.3 for CVS-1.11.21

updated and fixed some bugs, help needed on testing and development. Thank you.

Posted by sbaris 2006-04-24

CVSACL-1.2.2 for CVS-1.11.18

Updated for cvs-1.11.18
Fixed open bugs: 1064405,1025575

Posted by sbaris 2004-11-26

cvsacl-1.2.1 Released for cvs-1.11.17

fixed some errors

Posted by sbaris 2004-06-25

cvsacl-1.2.0 Released for cvs-1.11.17

new cvsacl-1.2.0 now works for cvs-1.11.17

Posted by sbaris 2004-06-17