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Version 0.3 released!

Milestone-one version 0.3 has been released. This version doesn't has any enhancement, it is only for compatibility with CVS 1.11.6.

Posted by Leonardo Eloy 2003-06-27

CVS Securitae Subproject has started!

CVS Securitae aims to be a full-fatured security system to be used with the pserver authentication method.
An effort has started to start digging around information regarding on why to start a project to implement some user-level/admin-level security to the whole CVS operations universe.
If the reasons documented have some impact in the community, by the end of the Accesslist project timeline, CVS Securitae may began to be developed.
Sign up and help us by clicking in the 'Tasks' and listing what has to be done.

Posted by Leonardo Eloy 2003-06-05

New version marked to 06/06/2003!

A new version of the milestone-one release is marked to Friday (06/06/2003). This version will be compatible with the latest CVS version (1.11.6 and 1.12.1).
No new development branch will be created to follow the Feature Version (1.12.1) because we have already a project timeline planned.
Stay tuned!

Posted by Leonardo Eloy 2003-06-05