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  • themirror

    themirror - 2006-11-13


    is it possible to show witch user is logged in. I do have some problems while testing the system with different users on one machine.
    The second point ist that i have also this mail problem. I recieved no mail. ebrook wrote that there is a workin version. How can I get this for an test??



    • EdwardB

      EdwardB - 2006-11-13

      Hiya Mirror - In my testing email works fine * as long as the email address specified in setup is valid to send email (as far as your mail server is concerned) After an inital installation I had to change CuteFlow_System-no_reply_allowed as specified in the Settings -> System Reply Address to a VALID email address per my mail server.

      All my testing is based on SVN version -

      HTH Edward

      • themirror

        themirror - 2006-11-14


        thanx for the answer. But, 1. I am not able to install a new name after first setup. All points in the settings can not be stored. 2.My e-mail-adress ist valid and works 3. whre can i get this SVN-version comfortably.


      • themirror

        themirror - 2006-11-14

        And some more information. I am using WIN2000/WINXP as OS aand WAMP5 Version 1.6.4 Perhaps i have to do some changes there but i really cant´t change anything in the settings area. Evrything will be thrown away after closing/leaving this area.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      to show  the username in the menu like this: Logout (admin), change line 275 in menu.php to the following:

      <?php echo $MENU_LOGOUT . " (" . $SESSION_CUTEFLOW_USERNAME . ")";?>

      hope that helps.

  • overlord21

    overlord21 - 2011-11-15

    i'm still having the same issue i'm using gmail smtp which port 465  tls can anyone help


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