Anonymous - 2011-04-12

Some time ago I've tried Cuteflow, that is great tool, but (I'm sorry) useless for me bacause it has only predefined workflows.

I don't think that situation in my Company is strange and rare so I hope this problem can be resolved.

Mainly 2-3 users works on the document (on the same level), and after they finish the document need to be send to the manager and then (after aproval) to the director.

The problem is, that I assume I need to define workflow for each user separately it's a lot of work to define it and preserve it up-to-date.

Second problem is that on each level of workflow the document can be send to the manager of other departament (he passes the document to chosen subordinate) and document returns the same way do main workflow.

I'm almost sure that it can be done, bo I have no idea how. I will be grateful for any