Editing or Adding Attachment

  • Jeff

    Jeff - 2012-09-02

    Hello All,
    Just finished a test install of Cuteflow, very impressive piece of software.  What I'm looking to do is a very simple workflow/document management, basically attaching a Microsoft Word file which would start with one individual, and route to others, before being finally okay'd for publication.  The hitch is the subsequent approvers may want changes in the Microsoft Word file.  So, what I'd like to be able to in Cuteflow is to either allow editing of the attached Word  file, with a resave back to the CuteFlow Attachment folder on the server (ideal case) since with the "track changes" functionality on in Word subsequent approvers would see the changes in the Word file attachment, or, if that wouldn't be possible, to allow for subsequent approvers to attach a new version of the Word file (which would just be their edit of the original Word attachment) to the circulation.  Any thought or ideas as to how I might be able to accomplish this would be appreciated.

  • blobit

    blobit - 2012-09-02


    you could add in any step of your process filed 'New file version' (field type: File). Then any user of process may attached new file version.



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