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H. Eismark
  • H. Eismark

    H. Eismark - 2004-02-28

    Is this for messages or documents created inside the application only or can 'real' documents like text documents or graphics etc be attached and commented?

    I miss an online demo and screenshots though.

    p.s. I'm sure the publishers of CuteFTP, CuteHTML etc will complain over the name sooner or later, so an early name change could be smart.


      EMEDIA OFFICE - 2004-03-01

      You can attach and comment up tp 4 document "real" documents to a message.

      The online demo and screenshots is stell a time problem ;-) But i hope we will have a homepage with screenshots in the next 2 weeks.

      And a name change? Don't know... CuteFlow and CuteFTP are very different. And i don't know if someone can reserve all Cute... names of the world....

      But if there are ideas, let them hear.


    • H. Eismark

      H. Eismark - 2004-03-05

      Thanks for the attention Timo.

      When you consider an unknown comic strip owner of the figure Mandrake the Magician in New Jersey can block Mandrake Linux' name in France, I wouldn't be too sure of CUTE*

      I'm sure people will find great suggestions. All I can come up with now is YourFlow. :-(

      Anyhow, your application idea is great!


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