Al Mrak
  • Al Mrak

    Al Mrak - 2004-03-05

    Hi, very-very nice tool, really bright idea to use html-mail for docflow. I'm just looking for someting like that for my company.
    Probably, you'll consider to include the features recommended below to your TODO list. Thank you.

    1. More secured authentication process. Now login and password are displayed in browser address bar.
    2. User groups or subfolders in user lists. When i'm choosing a user from the list of 100 users, it's easyer to find him if i had some kind of tree of departments, or roles, or user groups.
    3. Outlook Express does not allow iframe to be viewed by default. I think it would be good idea to provide a direct link to the page somwhere in the mail message, in order to allow user click th link to see the cuteflow page with current data. If you consider the idea to make make authentication stronger, you could send mail without iframe, just with an url. After user clicks this url, he will go to cuteflow portal, enter his password and see the document page. On the other hand, this weakens the whole idea of e-mail workflow. :(


      EMEDIA OFFICE - 2004-03-05


      thanks for your nice words about CuteFlow and your suggestions.

      We will add them to our todo list.

      1.) The more secure auhentication process: You are completely right here. We need to do something for a more secure login handling.

      2.) Usergroups are a nice idea too.

      3.) You are right. OE doesn't support iframes. The idea with the link is good. i think we should use a combination of both. The i frame AND the link (for users i.e. with OE). So we can combine the advantages of both ways.

      I can't promise you when we will find the time to implement these features (other features are waiting too). If you find a way to do it yourself (for example the login) we like to here from you :-)


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