#138 2 Party circulation error

Garry Hill


I see Cuteflow could be used to follow a workflow between 2 parties, this is an Excellent Feature where it can be used to follow a form that rather than a circle, needs some back and forth between 2 parties (each dependant on the others prior steps) to complete the work, then archive

There is a Bug in V2.11.2 I am trying to Tackle
I have done several clean installations to verify this bug exists
it is easily reproducible, and easy to set up the condition.
If I have a 4 slot document template with 2 recepient users
and a circulation where the mailing list passes the form back and forth like the following

New Circulation
Slot 1 Recepient A
Slot 2 Recepient B
Slot 3 Recepient A (Bug)
Slot 4 Recepient B

What happens is at slot 3, the yellow highlighting is not at slot 3's form data entry, however it is back at slot 1 entry again and is trying to re-get the slot 1 data (That has already been completed).

Now here is the freaky thing

This bug only occurs when using the log in method to process the form.
if I view the slot 3 step through the browser view (Editworkflow_standalone.php) the yellow highlighting it is seen in the slot 3 correct position where I can complete the slot 3 step and the work flows progresses through to archive perfectly.

therefore the bug is not evident in Editworkflow_standalone.php but is showing through the standard form login module

(This bug will also happen for a 5 slot 2 recepient at slot 3 and slot5, and again progresses fine with the standalone form))

Any help welcome,

If I can clarify. please respond.

Garry Hill.
Alice Springs
Outback Central Australia.


  • Garry Hill

    Garry Hill - 2009-11-18
    • priority: 5 --> 7
  • Garry Hill

    Garry Hill - 2009-11-25
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  • Garry Hill

    Garry Hill - 2009-11-30
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