#129 Bogus new circulations


So I installed 2.11.2 on our Windows server and got it all configured. I sent my first circulation with one attachment and it seemed to work properly. I then sent a second circulation, but it does not show a station and the days in process is 14484. The attachment is not associated with this circulation, but it is associated with the first circulation! I tried a third circulation and got similar results. The first circulation now has all three attachments associated with it.

Screeshot attached. Looks like I'll need to post a comment with the other screen shot.


  • Tom Morrison

    Tom Morrison - 2009-08-28

    I think I've confirmed what's causing this. I have an account set up for myself with my own email address. This problem seemed to appear after I changed the "admin" email address to be my email address also. I've since change it to a different address and the system seems to operate correctly now. You might want to introduce code to prevent this situation from occurring.

  • Tom Morrison

    Tom Morrison - 2009-08-28

    By the way, I guess I didn't mention that the problematic circulations were created under the "admin" account.

  • Timo Haberkern

    Timo Haberkern - 2009-08-31

    Did you a clean install or was it an update?

  • Timo Haberkern

    Timo Haberkern - 2009-08-31
    • priority: 5 --> 8
  • Tom Morrison

    Tom Morrison - 2009-08-31

    This was a clean install -- first installation on this server. I suspect the issue pertains to the same email address being used by two accounts. However, that's just my perception.


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