#4 a few visual requests



I'm using cutecom for a short time, and it's a very
interesting app, but I have some requests (in order to
improve it a litle bit more):
- Background and font colors for both text components
(send and receive text areas) should be configurable
(font type too). When you are receiving lots of bytes I
think it's more comfortable to use a "white text over
black background" scheme, and instead of forcing
several different configurations it would be better to
allow users to select the concrete colors.
- You should be able to clear with different buttons
both send text area (including history) and receive
text area.
- Also for both text areas I would create a combo in
order to select the way they show data: ASCII, HEX or
both. If you select the third way cutecom should
duplicate (horizontally) both areas in order to have a
parallel view of the data (one for ASCII and another
for HEX bytes).
- In any way you prefer the program should allow you to
enter data (for sending it) in HEX mode. In windows
I've used another similar app called "Term2x" which
works in HEX mode for sending if you keep pressed the
CTRL key. So a way for doing this should be adding a
special textfield (different than "Input:..", under
this one) dedicated to HEX input (you don't need to
keep CTRL key pressed if you do it in this way), where
each byte is shown there (separating every one with a
space while being in the textfield) and finally you can
send it by pressing the enter key (optionally the user
can decide if the enter key itself is sent or not).
- In the same way the program allows you to change the
list of devices (by editing the rc file) you should
also be able to edit the list of available speeds,
because current scheme seems to introduce some kind of
"limitation" for selecting it.

I've only used the program for sending data, and only a
few receives. And related to this my question is:
What and how the log/append feature saves data? Only
the received bytes available when marking the checkbox?
or it's saving dinamically data while it's being received?
I think you should be able to save independently sent
and received bytes, to different files and in ASCII or
HEX mode (you should consider all combinations if you
finally add support for the extended HEX/ASCII view
that I was previously talking about).
So you could even have 4 destination files for logging:
1. HEX receive
2. ASCII receive (those 2 would be working if you are
using the extended HEX/ASCII view at the same time).
3. HEX send
4. ASCII send (same as upper).

Another question is related to stop bits. I've seen in
some places that you can even select 1.5 stop bits (I
have never used it), so it would be interesting to add
this special value to the combo.

Well, I think that's all for now



  • Alexander Neundorf

    Logged In: YES
    Originator: NO

    Can you please split this up in separate feature requests ?
    Configurable fonts - yes.
    Colors - maybe.
    Why do you want to clear the "send" area ?

  • Alfredo Quesada Sánchez

    • status: open --> closed

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