CUTE running under XP ??

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    I would like to know what is necessary, to compile & run CUTE on PC with XP  ?  I also have Python2.2 installed.
    I understand, QT is a portable library.  Is it possible to compile it using VC6 ? 

    Any help appreciated.


    • Heiko Köhler

      Heiko Köhler - 2003-11-22

      Yes, it is, but you must have a PyQT and QT license.
      Technically, the PyQT license is not needed because the soure code of qscintilla is freely available.

      You could use the QT evaluation version for compilation, but be aware that you must not distibute your binary.



    • Michael Neuroth

      Michael Neuroth - 2004-04-30

      Yesterday I compiled CUTE 0.2.7 under Windows. I used Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and the new free edition of Qt 3.2.1 (comming with the Qt book of Trolltech). I had to do some small patches to the source code. The program runs, but I have not tested it very well.

      Are you interested in the patches? I can offer you my support for creating binary Windows versions of CUTE. You could use the program Inno Setup to create a Windows conform setup prorogram.



    • Heiko Köhler

      Heiko Köhler - 2004-05-05

      Hi Michael,

      due to legal problems I am not allowed to distribute CUTE in binary form, but you can send me patches and the project and workspace files.

      I haven't a QScintilla license under win32.

      It would be also very kind of you if you send me some screenshots as well.



    • Michael Neuroth

      Michael Neuroth - 2004-05-10

      Hi Heiko,

      I don't think that you need a licence for QScintilla for Windows. You can use the source code distribution of QScintilla for X11 which is released under GPL and compile it with the free Qt edition for Windows (which comes with the Qt book).
      If you are releasing your source code under GPL there should be no problem. You are allowed to create binary distributions as long as you release the source code as well.
      At least I am allowed to create a binary distribution of CUTE, because I am a legal owner of the Qt book with the free edition of Qt for Windows and I am a legal owner of MSC++ 6.0. And all the needed source code is released under the GPL. I already released a binary distribution of my MinDia project at sourceforge
      ( which uses Qt.
      What do you think about this?


      PS: I will send you the patches and a screenshot in the next few days.

      • Heiko Köhler

        Heiko Köhler - 2004-05-11

        The problem is the GPL itself indeed. You are not allowed to link a GPL app against a closed source software.
        I hava asked Phill Thompson already, but he said that the Qt non-commercial edition is incompatible with the GPL ( see. for details).

        So I need a PyQT Licence for Win32 which costs 250 Pounds.


        Heiko Khler

        • Michael Neuroth

          Michael Neuroth - 2004-05-11

          That sounds clear. But I found in the Wiki about PyQt on the page about PyQt licensing ( this statement:

          Non-commercial License
          Platforms: Windows
          This version of PyQt is to be used with the non-commercial version of Qt based on Qt v2.3.0. Your application must be released under a license that is compatible with the Qt Non-commercial license.

          This means that if you want to release a binary distribution of any application using PyQt and the non commercial of Qt you have to change the License at least for this platform.
          Now I understand the GPL a litle bit more...


          • Heiko Köhler

            Heiko Köhler - 2004-05-12

            I wrote the following mail to Phill Thompson (the author of QScintilla) and got an answer:

            On Wednesday 12 May 2004 9:18 pm, you wrote:
            > Hello,
            > my name is Heiko Khler and I'm the developer of a QScintilla based app
            > called CUTE. So far, I've developed under Linux and now a port to
            > Windows would be technically possible and a big success of CUTE (and
            > QScintilla).
            > My question now is: can I use QScintilla for my GPL'ed app with the
            > Qt-noncommercial edition for Windows without buying a commercial
            > license?

            Sorry, no. The GPL is incompatible with all the Qt Windows licenses.


    • Heiko Köhler

      Heiko Köhler - 2005-02-10

      Hello folks!

      Things got a lot better, since TrollTech is willing to release QT for Windows under GPL by Q2 this year.
      I have tried to port CUTE to Windows and most parts are working fine. Indeed I have the most problems with QT rather than with Python. Configuration works exactly the same way as under Linux.
      By the way, I use the Non-Commercial Editon of QT for Win32, so it is even legal.

      As soon as there is the GPL version available for Windows, I will release CUTE for Windows as well.

      It would be nice if someone could provide a Windows  installer for CUTE, when CUTE for Win32 has become reality.


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