@13 march 2013 - customsite framework 0.6.1
After several months off I did a few changes and clean up the framework with the basic configuration ready to work with an external template engine. If someone else wanna build a custom template engine will be welcome.

@27 nov 2012. After some time off, Today I did some new updates.
(Starting with admin).



@4 nov 2012. Search component developed, still finish Search pages, now customsite framework support totally independent components.

@3 nov 2012. Paginator component developed for customsite framework. added as part of the tutorial on components creation.

@2-3 nov 2012. Spanish tutorial on compoment creation for customsite framework.
Translations to ther languages are welcome.

@1 nov 2012 (customsite framework)

I have been about a month off, I was once again at the point to give up with the project but I'm here again. I will continue with this project for a while. I'm developing many useful libraries for this project and the base of the framework is ready. I'm building a simple blog on top of the framework and it has a basic components system.

@4 sept 2012. (customsiteframework)

To complete ImageUploader Widget / Gallery sub-application.(js)
Paginator component & sql modification to work with pagination LIMIT's
Other important things like some mechanisms to implement, for example, a way to register
active componentes (object), a way to add and delete scripts to header automatically,etc,etc.
Components and Services Installer.
Admin skel (backend skel)
Index page and finish other pages.

To complete Login and Register objects.

Todavía queda mucho por hacer, hay días que estoy con otras cosas así que voy lento.
Muchos componentes y piezas están en sus funciones básicas, también hay muchos bugs,
todo eso debe irse corrigiendo a partir de la primera versión alpha estable.

@todo para el final.
Si, el customtemplate(subproyecto template engine) es una verguenza,
me guste o no le voy a tener que hechar mano cuando termine la primera
version alpha estable del framework/blog. El template engine es muy laborioso si,
da pereza y me saca del proyecto, pero no me quedará otro remedio al ver que
nadie se anima. La idea era algo básico que funcionara para distribuirlo con customsite framework,
y que otros lo hicieran, pero tiene muchos bugs y le falta algo importante que posiblemente
necesite mas adelante.

Customsiteframework updates.
@date 24-AUG-2012.
0.3.7 & SVN update
alpha stage.

@date 31-JUL-2012 (customsite framework)
Since last update I've been away off.
Today I've retake the project,
I have been at the brink of abandon this project
New improvements are online as version pre-alpha 0.3.4

@date 10-JUN-2012 (customsite framework)
This weekend I've stopped core development to start with a simple and custom template engine for this framework (customtemplate /lib/customtemplate/). I'll back to the core development after I've completed the custom template engine (customtemplate).

Any help will be welcomed.
I just separated customtemplate as a new project. I'm weak on this area, so improvement and optimization will be a must and necessary when it's ready.

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