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Currency 4.3 released

A long overdue update of Currence has been released on 11 Feb 2011. It includes bug fixes and adaptations to currency changes (more countries joined the Euro, several currency code changes) and uses OANDA instead of the Federal Reserve as a source. Total number of supported currencies has been increased to 160.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2011-02-11

Stale updates from FED removed

The daily updates from the Federal Reserve Bank in New York were discontinued on Jan 1 2009 (!). The update script was still using them, so some rates were stuck on the Jan 1 2009 rate (e.g. Venezuelan Bolivar, Sri Lankan Rupee). Now they are updating again.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2011-02-04

Updates working again after Sourceforge attack

Currency updates are working again after being not available for several days due to the attack on Sourceforge.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2011-02-04

Currency updates on SourceForge working again.

The update of cupdate.pdb on is working again.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2007-02-26

Currency 4.2 released

This version adds support for the fiveway navigator.
See release notes for details.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2007-02-26

Temporary alternate URL for currency updates.

While the SourceForge shell server is down (currently foreseen till at least Feb 22) you can use this URL to get currency updates:
The updates will disappear at this URL as soon as the updates are available at the usual sourceforge address ( again.
You can use the alternate URL both in the program itself (Download rates menu item) and in the conduit.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2007-02-17

No Currency updates as long as shell server is down

Since February 12 there have been no exchange rates updates (cupdate.pdb).
This is caused by the SourceForge shell server being down.
The updates are produced on an outside server and transferred to via the SourceForge shell server. As long as the shell server is down there will be no updates on

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2007-02-16

Changes to Currency Updates

Since 1 Jan 2007 the Slovenian Tolar has been replaced by the Euro.
The following currencies have been pegged to the Euro (i.e. they have a fixed exchange rate with the Euro) since 1 Jan 1999:
- West/Central African Franc (XAF)
- Polynesian Franc (XPF)
- Cape Verde Escudo (CVE)
- Comoran Franc (KMF)

The generation of cupdate.pdb has been modified to accomodate for this.
In Currency <= 4.1 these currencies will show a date of 1 Feb 2007 and the pegged currencies will still be editable.
In version 4.2 this will be fixed: The exchange rate dates will be correct and all these currencies will not be editable any more.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2007-01-21

Currency 4.1 released.

This is mainly a bug fix release. See the release notes for details.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-11-19

New look and feel for project website.

The project website,, has been redesigned using XHTML 1.0 and CSS.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-07-09

Currency 4.0 with on-line exchange rates update released

The major new feature in version 4.0 is the possibility to update the exchange
rates from within Currency for devices with internet connectivity (e.g.
Treo smart phones, TX and LifeDrive with WiFi and every PalmOS device
with NetLib and an active PPP connection via serial/USB cable or Bluetooth).
Changes are listed below.

Version 4.0 (2006-07-03)
- Added built-in update of exchange rates for devices with internet
- Scrolling of currencies on the main form is now continuous.
- Currency also checks for the exchange rate updates (cupdate.pdb) on
expansion cards.
- DIA settings are now saved between runs.
- Use the system Edit menu in most forms.
- Various bug fixes.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-07-03

Currency 3.5 released

The main feature of this release is support for the Dynamic Input Area (DIA) on Palm, Sony and Handera devices.

Changes since 3.4:

- Added DIA (Dynamic Input Area) support for Palm, Sony and Handera devices
using the PalmResize code by Alexander Pruss
- Max number of simultaneously displayed currencies increased from 8 to 12.
- In details (a.k.a. Select) form disable add button when list is full and
disable delete button when list is empty.
- Fixed an off-by-one bug introduced in 3.4 which caused the rightmost
characters on Sony devices to be clipped.
- Add "Rotate ..." menu item for Handera.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-05-21

Currency now uses Subversion

Today (April 7, 2006) the CVS repository was migrated to Subversion. One of the advantages of subversion is that changes are immediately visible for everybody. No more waiting for the anonymous CVS servers to synchronize with the development CVS servers (especially right now with the extended down time of the project CVS servers, the development CVS is up again, but synchronization to the anonymous servers has been down for one week now).

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-04-07

Currency 3.4 Released

Changes since 3.4beta:

- The currencies in the main form are now done with a table instead of
individual fields. This in preparation for DIA support.
- Due to the use of a table, backward compatibility is increased.
Now Currency runs on every version of Palm OS >= 2.0.
- When installing a new version all user settings and user defined currencies
from a previous version are transferred correctly. This did not happen in
- Color menu items are only shown on color devices.
- The "Settings/Number format" menu item now calls the Formats panel of the
Preferences application directly instead of showing a form to tell you to use
the Preferences app.
- Corrected the computation of the exchange rate for silver (XAG), gold (XAU)
and platinum (XPT). These use inverse logic. Already implemented in the
daily update (cupdate.pdb) since 2006-03-26.
- Changed some currency descriptions so country name comes first. This makes it
easier to find them in the alphabetically sorted selection list. For example
some people had problems finding the Israelian sheqel since it was listed as
'New Israeli Sheqel (ILS)' in 3.4beta.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-03-30

Computation of Rates for Gold, Silver and Platinum Fixed.

The rates for silver (XAG), gold (XAU) and platinum (XPT) are different from normal rates. They are given in e.g. US$/ounce instead of the other way around. These rates were computed the wrong way.
Starting today (March 26, 2006) cupdate.pdb contains the correct rates.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-03-26

Currency Conduit 1.3 now available.

An updated version of the Java Currency Conduit by Tim Endres is now available in the download area.
It works with the current (and previous) versions of Currency.
A fix to make Java based conduits work with HotSync 6.0.x is included.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-02-09

Currency 3.4beta released

This is an adaptation of Henrique Martins Currency converter 3.3beta updated to run under PalmOS 5.4.x.
The sources are in c34beta-source.tar.bz2 and also available in Sourceforge CVS. Use the project forums and trackers for questions, comments and patch submissions.

Posted by Ton van Overbeek 2006-01-04

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