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Version 0.9.1 released.

This release adds options for inputting the password in the terminal, support for different codepages, caching of files not found, support for SOCKS proxy, and bug fixes.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2007-04-05

Version 0.9 released.

- Patch by Jui-Nan Lin to enable utf8 support.
- Patch by linuxfun to enable chmod and chown.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-10-02

Version 0.8 released.

The long awaited chunk downloading is here! Now you can stream your music/video, download more than one file or browse the filesystem while you download. Thanks a lot to Andreas Jackisch that helped a lot during the test phase.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-05-25

Version 0.7 released.

Added big manpage with all options documented. Bug fix for exporting the ftp mounted directory with samba.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-04-13

Version 0.6 released.

This version introduces support for Windows NT style listings. It also adds support for doing active FTP.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-04-10

Version 0.5 released.

- Removed SSLv2 option because it's insecure.
- Added options to choose SSL level and a warning to old libcurl versions that try to connect even to hosts that don't support SSL.
- Corrected cacert description.
- Added option to not verify the host with SSL.
- Changed libcurl version checking to runtime.
- Set blocks and blocksize in getattr to make the du program work.
- Thanks a lot to Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos for all the help with SSL.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-03-23

Version 0.4 released.

This version adds lots of options that were already present in libcurl. This makes CurlFtpFS work with SSL, tunneling HTTP proxies and much more. It also fixes a bug when mounting a subdirectory instead of the ftp root.

Thanks a lot to Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos for testing the SSL support.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-03-19

Version 0.3 released.

Corrected bug when the server sent a "total" line with the listings. Added option to not use EPSV. Better detection of libcurl.

Posted by Robson Braga Araujo 2006-03-15

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