curlftpfs options HOWTO ? (codepage)

Alain Tuor
  • Alain Tuor

    Alain Tuor - 2008-03-19

    I bumped into a problem, I tried to put a codepage option but it seems my syntax is wrong.

    Does anyone have an example with the codepage option ?

    I thought it was something like  :  >curlftpfs -o codepage=1252 /mnt/N

    but obviously I'm wrong...

    • Alain Tuor

      Alain Tuor - 2008-03-21

      Well OK I found it
      curlftpfs -o codepage=utf8 ftp://user@ /N

      not sure how to put this in /etc/tstab :-/ , especially the codepage thing :-O
      If anyone can help would be great :-)


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