Impossible to rm, chown, chgrp

  • jallon damien

    jallon damien - 2008-01-21


    First, sorry for my english, i just started with linux, on ubuntu 7.10.
    I'm trying to synchronize my website.
    1)damien@damLinux:~$ curlftpfs /home/damien/WEB-DEV/ftp/teleporteur -o user=xxxx:yyyyy,allow_other

    With this i can open directories, touch files, but when i try to delete, to do chown or to chgrp, the connection closed.

    I try to do this with root connection, but it is the same.

    Also, with rsync, trying to do chown : "failed: Software caused connection abort (103)"

    My version is :
    curlftpfs 0.9.1 libcurl/7.16.4 fuse/2.5

    Thank you for your help


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